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Commune Festival




Makeshift Team:

Aileen Ling (Makeshift Commons), Kandice Holmes (Common Unity)


Land Justice Network, Undergrowth Collective, Extinction Rebellion, HAHA Sounds Collective, Daisy Newdick, Debunk Collective, Permablitz London with Susannah Hall, Alisa Ruzavina, Cath Carver and Daisy Dickinkson.

Commune is a decentralised, micro-festival of art, ecology & community action organized by Common Unity and Makeshift Commons. The Festival was part of Public Works’ School of Civic Action’s week of events in July 2018 at the Tate Exchange.

Learn about the post-capitalist potential of the Commons, rooted in the common good for each other and the planet, through workshops, discussions, art making & communal creativity.

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