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If you want to chat about cool initiatives, ideas or potential collaborations we are always open to connect. Or - if you’re simply like minded and want to say hello, please reach out at:


Join our Monthly Cooperative Learning Group

Are you a creative, designer or design-adjacent practitioner interested in cooperatives?  We will be starting a monthly coop learning group in 2022 to mutually learn more about the cooperative structure, governance and what that might look like as a design practice.  Goals of this group include:

  1. Provide an educational space to learn more about the cooperative model, the structure and governance practices.  

  2. Build capacity for members of the group to more meaningfully engage in the cooperative sector if they choose to form / join / work for a cooperative in the future.

  3. Provide a space for practising more generative and emergent processes of learning and working together.  

This working group will be facilitated by Aileen Ling, who is currently taking Cooperative Developer training offered through Coop Zone. If you are interested in joining please fill out the form here!

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