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Our goal is to support the cooperative and solidarity economy with our collective design skills, knowledge and labour.


As a work-in-progress cooperative based in Tkaronto/Toronto, Canada, we aim to sustain our membership through work opportunities and partnerships that allow us to: 

  • Collaborate across disciplines. 

  • Build capacity for ongoing socio-cultural transformation and resilience.

  • Apply design methods and processes in ways that liberate new ideas, roles, organizations, policies and systems.

  • Support more integral ways of being and relating with one another. 

  • Develop activist approaches that are liberatory, rather than strictly resistant or held within  constant oppositional stances.

Our Vision:

Our skill set is diverse and changes based on our active membership.  Examples of the services we can offer include:

  • Program and Workshop Design & Development

  • Visual and graphic design 

  • Participatory Design Research

  • Branding and Communications Support

  • Creative Facilitation

  • Foresight and Strategy

  • Small-scale Architectural Design / Tactical Urbanism (in collaboration with Makeshift Collective).

What We Do:



Our Practice Is:

  • Interdisciplinary/Transdisciplinary 
    Our individual and collective practices are informed by connections and overlaps between different approaches, knowledge and worldviews.

  • Relational
    Meaning our process and goals are grounded in forming and nourishing trusting relationships with collaborators, co-creators and clients (this includes human and non-human entities affecting, and affected by our work.)

  • Decolonial
    We are working to understand our limitations and complicity within ongoing colonial processes, so that instead we may practice non-oppressive, non-extractive ways of being.   

  • Reflective and Critical
    Our practice is always in progress. We make room to sit with imperfection, mistakes and conflict, allowing deeper learning to emerge and inform our future actions.  

  • Flexible in process, Firm in values   Though we remain critical of the relationship between certain technologies and the systems that produce them, we hesitate to place inherent value on them, and instead imagine their use in relation to our chosen set of values.  

  • Playfully Experimental
    Meaningful work must be a joyful exploration. Simple as that. 


Cooperative Principles:

We are currently building our capacity to formalize as a cooperative. We believe the cooperative structure offers a legal and operational framework for us to practically assert our values and strengthen our ability to meet needs our current system fails to meaningfully address. Principles guiding cooperatives are as follows:

  1. Voluntary and Open Membership.

  2. Democratic Member Control.

  3. Member Economic Participation.

  4. Autonomy and Independence. 

  5. Education, Training and Information. 

  6. Cooperation among Cooperatives. 

  7. Concern for Community.

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