Makeshift Commons is social impact design collaborative. We partner with communities and organizations on projects that re-vision and reclaim the civic commons.

We do this by building relationships between sectors and silos, visioning alternative futures, supporting community-led projects, enabling civic participation, and strengthening capacity for bottom-up solutions. Our work is rooted in a cooperative vision of social and ecological justice, and the transition to more resilient, inclusive and human-centred cities.

Here's what we're currently working on

Project Title, Date


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What we do

Our Services and Offerings

We build relationships

We strengthen connections within and between communities, build bridges across sectors and silos and bring diverse perspectives to the table.


  • Community listening and engagement

  • Emergent Conversations

  • Workshop design and facilitation

  • Conference / event planning and hosting

We surface local opportunities


We help communities take stock of their local assets and strengths, give voice to their unique challenges and find new (or hidden) opportunities.


  • Community asset mapping

  • Needs and gaps analysis

  • Experience journey maps

  • Problem and opportunity framing 

We imagine alternative futures


We help communities and organizations understand their current context, imagine alternative futures and think strategically about how to get there. 


  • Horizon scanning and foresight

  • Community visioning and scenarios

  • Strategic planning

  • Program / special project design

We strengthen capacity for bottom-up solutions


We take a collaborative and participatory approach so that projects are community-led, hands-on and build local capacity. 

  • Community-led planning and place-making

  • Co-creation and participatory design

  • Prototyping and testing solutions

  • Training and capacity building