When people come together to make things happen they can change the world!

We’ve all heard this. But while common ground is easy to find amongst the like minded, it’s much harder to find when dealing with others.

So while we try to nurture a better world ourselves we’re often stuck because the world is full of others with conflicting goals and agendas, often restricting our ability to make the impact we want. 

Designers are well acquainted with the challenge of working with competing or contradictory goals.


Yes. It’s usually messy...


but it’s often worth it for the designer to help spark hidden creative capacities within those involved. It becomes a gift that allows us to bring something new into the world. 

We are Makeshift Commons. An interdisciplinary design collective that strives to work with what’s already available within the communities we serve - The hidden potentials, the overlooked relationships, and the shared values that can enliven the ways we live and make together.