The Makeshift Commons Project is a socially motivated design practice. We aim to enable communities to affect change starting from the grassroots scale by using an approach that combines:




Circular Ecologies

to ensure use the best practices to take care and work with systems of nature.


to promote community wealth building and resource management.

Design Expertise

to transform needs and desires into tangible built projects.

The starting point for us is to identify ecological resources that need protection or opportunities for closed loop systems.
Then we work with or create communities of interest to become collaborators and stewards of these resources.  These communities are usually those who use, manage, and take care of ecological resources. 
To enable communities from a wide range of backgrounds to engage, we also build capacity, training, facilitating to enable this to happen.
News and Events

COMMUNE Festival

Friday 26 july, 2019 @ 12:00 - 18:00

The Tate exchange space @ the tate modern

5th floor blavatnik building, London SE1 9tg

COMMUNE is a new decentralised, micro-festival of art, ecology, and community action.  Join us to explore the post-capitalist potential of the Commons, rooted in the common good for each other and the planet, through workshops, discussion and communal creativity that nurture unity and equity.